Why Wall Art can Brighten Up your Living Room

Why Wall Art can Brighten Up your Living Room

June 7, 2018 Off By 11AO9fhs95

Moving into a new house is a challenging experience. It all starts from the gruelling decision of getting a new house, then actually get it,then packing from your old house and finally moving in into the new one.Putting things into new places may take some time. You may find people living out of boxes months after arriving into their new homes because they haven’t a clue where to put things. But the real challenge comes with setting up the décor, especially deciding the right wall art for living room areas.

Wall art varies over a wide range all dependent on preference and taste. There are people who like big bold art, whether or not it makes sense to other people, then there are those that like small numerous ones. Then there are the random ones who just want their walls filled with pictures and posters and finally there are those who prefer wall paper as art enough.

The good news is, there is wall art for living room areas to fit every preference. All you need is a budget and identification of what you want and finally going to get it. This article will help you find out the different types and ways of decorating walls so that you can find out which one works best for you.

1. Wallpaper

A wallpaper is just that. A paper that is put on a wall. If you don’t like the simple white of your wall yet you don’t want to hang anything up. A wall paper is a great compromise of the two. It is art in itself since you can get one with patterns and colours and still not have to purchase a photo collage frame for your vacation photos.

2. Photos

If you do not like art that is not sentimental to you, or you have not found one yet, you can consider hanging up photos. This kind of wall art for living room areas has been practices all through the ages yet it still hasn’t gone out of style. Some people get portraits of themselves done,some choose a pet painting, or simply a large, one-piece collection of your best photos. The advantage of this choice is that it is way cheaper than getting an art collectible.

3. Art Collectibles

This is the most expensive option yet the most popular. Millennial have developed an eye for art and collection and so most homes spot a burst of colours or a paradox painting hanging on their living room walls.The advantage of this option however is that more often than not, these paintings are usually independent of everything around them. They work well with almost all colours so you will not have to worry about changing the colour of your seats or curtains.

4. DIY

DIY wall art for livingroom areas are the cheapest, most fun and most brave options of them all.Not only do you get to work with your hands, you get to create your own decoration. This gives your house a personalized feel making it even more welcoming for you and your guests. DIY wall art for living room areas are diverse. From wash tape to origami shapes to craftier inventions such as wooden shelves that are in the form of letters.

You just have to decide what you like and the options are endless.