How does a car remap work?

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With the integration of computer technology, there has been a considerable change in in-vehicle technology. It resulted in the introduction of ECU t improve the performance and efficiency of vehicles. In the beginning phases, ECU had control over some essential function. Still, with more development, the ECU has become the brain of your car with control over the electronic and mechanical systems of your vehicle. Now you may change your engine speed, intake, exhaust, fuel ration, and other parameters of your car in ECU. An ECU remapping may customize different car functions according to your custom requirements. There are various car remapping services available for car remapping. You may consult a car remapping North West service provider if you want to boost engine performance.

Manufacturer map

When a car is manufactured, the map is created to deal with a variety of environments, altitude, humidity, and behavioral criteria.  There are different things in behavioral standards, including differing fuel grades, and servicing intervals. Various factors play a role, and different driving habits are taken into account for this purpose. The manufacturers adjust fuel economy considering popular road speeds, and it is fixed at 30, 56, and 70 mph.

One size fits all

Each car has some unique features when it leaves the production line. There are different factors considered for bhp and fuel timing. It depends on the mechanism and assembly of various vehicle parts. The vehicle manufacturers adhere to one size fits all approach to avoid performance assessment costs. He maps the car in this manner to facilitate these differences.

Different power versions

The manufacture creates different versions of the same engine to develop unique selling points. It may give him better insurance premiums and improve the power and efficiency of the car. There are, for example, three power options in VW golf TDI that are 110, 130, and 150 bhp.

In this way, manufacturers make adjustments and compromises to cars to deal with different environments and diving conditions to preserve the reliability of the vehicle.

How the alteration takes place

There are two vital points on a computer map of a car. One is idle, and the other is part throttle cruising. These points have importance for car manufacturers because these pars control the emissions. In this way, the manufacture leaves space for further modification. You may personalize some essential car functions through car remapping. There are different car remapping services for the purpose.